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I have a quick question about working with your business. Like most business owners you just want to survive through to 2021. In order for that to happen you need to save every dollar possible right? This is an honest question, would you continue with the high credit card processing fees if there was another way? New laws are on your side. Test this newly released card processing model this October – just send a phone number and we’ll call.

$24.99/mo Flat Fee Credit Card Processing (Unlimited)

1) As a small business owner accepting credit/debit, recently passed State Laws are on your side. – Were you aware?
New state regulations now in effect, the law was successfully passed in 46 states – effective since August 2019.

Since that date you shouldn’t be paying above 0.75% Credit Card Processing Fees.
2) You’re legally able to demand this new option.

Bottom Line: Your processor isn’t telling you everything. Why are they hiding the lower fee options?

We represent merchants challenging their credit card processors.
3) Merchants working with us demand to be switched to Unlimited Flat-Fee Processing.
– Unlimited Flat-Fee Processing for $24.99 per month.

The new terminals make it easy. And it’s UNLIMITED.
4) Process any amount of cards for the same flat price each month.
No contracts. No surprises. No hidden fees.
We’ll even start you off with a terminal at no cost.

October 2020 Limited Time Promotion:
Email back today to qualify:
– Paid-For Equipment (Maximum 2x Terminals).
– No Contracts.
– No Cancellation Fees.
– Try Without Obligation.

5) Email us back with a name and phone number where we can call you with more information.

Please reply to this email – send a quick message saying “I’m interested”
Hands full? You may click this link – a simple message is pre-written for you:

Best regards,
Annabelle Roer