Review for Nicky DeRaegan

Your email wasn’t working so I’m sending you a message through the contact form on your website. I wanted to ask a question about your business and the credit card processing fees you pay every month. You shouldn’t be paying 1.5% to 2.5% in Credit Card Processing Fees anymore. New laws are on your side.

Your processor isn’t telling you everything. Why are they hiding the lower fee options?

Merchants working with us are switching to our Unlimited Flat-Fee Processing for only $24.99 per month.

We make it easy. And UNLIMITED.
Process any amount of cards for the same flat price each month.
No contracts. No surprises. No hidden fees.
We’ll even start you off with a terminal at no cost.

September 2020 Limited Time Promotion:
Email us today to qualify:
– Free Equipment (2x Terminals).
– No Contracts.
– No Cancellation Fees.
– Try Without Obligation.

Give us a phone number where we can call you with more information.

Reply to this email or send a quick message saying “I’m interested” by clicking this link:

Best regards,
Nicole DeRaegan